Latest Projects

 SeaWorld Aquatica Ihu’s Breakaway Falls

Completed in 2019, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls is the tallest drop slide in the State of Texas and offers riders an exhilarating thrill as they are dropped into the ride tube at an almost 80 degree angle, and then wind their way down through the twists and turns of the tube to the run out lanes 85 feet below.

SeaWorld  Aquatica Taumata Racer

Completed in 2018, The Taumata Racer is a six lane speed slide complex where guests, on bodysurfing mats, are launched head first into the slide entry tunnel, make a 180 degree sweeping turn and then emerge onto the 375 foot slide where they descend 55 feet in about 10 seconds.


Brooklyn Square Retail

Completed in 2019, the Brooklyn Square Retail Shell Building involved the complete structural renovation and addition to, an existing historically significant gas station which was originally constructed in the 1930’s.  The project is located in downtown San Antonio at the corner of N. St. Mary’s and Brooklyn Ave.


Nacogdoches Retail

Completed in 2019, the Nacogdoches Retail Shell Building brings a modern design aesthetic to the intersection of E. Basse Rd., Broadway St. and Nacogdoches Rd.


Wave Breaker

Completed in 2017, Wave Breaker is the FIRST ride of its kind in the Continental United States.  A launch coaster that travels over a man-made lake in simulated jet-ski cars designed to give the rider the thrill of the ride and yet showcases SeaWorld’s larger mission of animal care and rescues.


SeaWorld San Antonio – Turtle Reef

Completed in 2019, The SeaWorld San Antonio Turtle Reef features views into a 126,000 gallon habitat with floor-to-ceiling underwater viewing that provides an immersive and educational look at the underwater world of threatened and endangered sea turtles and hundreds of multi-colored tropical fish.  The habitat showcases a unique natural bio-filtration process that is a one of its kind in a zoological setting in the United States.  In addition to the educational aspect of the Turtle Reef Exhibit the project also features the Riptide Rescue, and the Sea Swinger thrill rides.

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